What kind of common model of axle are there and its maintenance?

by:FUSAI     2021-05-22
Common axle type mainly has: the external type brake drum series, the series of built-in brake drum, spoke type wheel series, the series of low bed series, type axle, American axis tilting axis. How do these axle to maintain? Lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. ( Specializing in the production of hydraulic trailer axle, dynamic platform car axle, tyred handling locomotive bridge) To tell you: 1. Remove, clean, after checking the brake drum, brake shoe, According to the circumstance change brake friction disc) , spring, bearing, oil seal, According to the situation change) , shoe shaft, CAM wear situation, adjust the clearance between the brake shoe and brake drum, wheel hub bearing looseness, after high speed change grease, check the wheelbase, check the shaft, flange bolt, nut and tighten half shaft tire bolt, nut, remove the brake air chamber ( According to the circumstance change the rubber diaphragm and the hose) , check that the ventilation pipes, overhauling high-speed brake CAM arm to brake CAM shaft with grease. 2. Overhauling main, cleaning, lubrication, pair of leaf spring, steel plate pin, stents and lug ( According to the situation to replace steel pin and bushing) , inspection and cleaning clip, horse riding, bolt, nut. 3. Inspection, fastening bolts, bolts, nuts, tank car damper, the back panel, car fixed bolt, nut, fenders bolt, nut, etc. 4. Check, fastening spare tire rack, toolbox. Relevant tags: steering axle
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