Air Suspension

The air suspension, or air bag suspension, is one of the best suspension solutions under various circumstances. From the manufacturing perspective, its design is quite simple and universal. Due to the adoption of air spring instead of traditional spring, a range of features are obtained.

1. The inside air pressure is regulated in accordance with the road condition.

2. It can keep the vehicle running height stable, and won't be affected by the loading level of the axle.

3. The braking is regulated automatically according to load.

4. It can stabilize the automobile automatically when turning. The air spring pressure varies according to the road situation to correct and adjust the mechanism.

As a professional trailer suspension supplier, we provide two types of air suspension, German type and American type. You can make the choice on your own, or you can ask our technical support team for professional advices. Custom vehicle suspension system is also available according to your requirements for technical parameters. The production capacity for suspension is 18,000 sets per year, so you don't worry about the delivery time.

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