What is the role of the brake in the car?

by:FUSAI     2020-02-12
When the car is driving, it wants to play a braking role, relying on the external force in the opposite direction of the car, and the external force is random and uncontrollable, so the car needs to be equipped with a brake. ??????The automobile braking system refers to the installation of a special braking mechanism on the automobile in order to technically ensure the safe driving of the automobile and increase the average speed of the automobile. Generally, the automobile braking system includes two independent devices: a driving brake device and a parking brake device. The service brake is operated by the driver's foot, and the parking brake device is operated by the hand. ?The function of the service brake is to slow down a moving car or stop a short distance. The function of the parking brake is to keep cars that have been parked on various roads. However, sometimes in emergency situations, two types of braking devices can be used simultaneously to increase the effect of automobile braking. ??????The principle of the automobile brake is to increase the friction between the fixed element and the rotating working surface to achieve the braking effect. After the above analysis, do you know more about car brakes?
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