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by:FUSAI     2020-02-12
Regardless of whether it is a car or a mechanical device, a brake is used in the work, which is often referred to as a brake device. We know that moving objects without brakes can be very dangerous. There are many types of brakes, such as drum brakes and disc brakes, depending on where they are used. What is the difference between these two braking methods ??????1. The drum brake is equipped with two semi-circular brake pads in the wheel hub, and the brake pad is brought into contact with the inner surface of the drum by the lever principle to brake. Disc brakes use brake calipers to control two brake pads to clamp the brake discs on the wheels. When the disc is clamped by the disc, friction occurs between the two. ??????2. The brake system of the drum brake can use lower oil pressure. The diameter of the drum brake will increase after heating, and the brake response will not be as expected. The disc brake has better heat dissipation performance than the drum brake, and it will not cause the brake to decline and cause the brake to fail when the brake is continuously stepped on. Disc brakes have a more even braking force on the left and right wheels. The brake discs have better drainage and can reduce the phenomenon of poor braking caused by water or sediment. ??????3. The hand brake mechanism of the drum brake is easy to install. Some rear wheels are equipped with a disc brake, and the other is a drum hand brake installed at the center of the brake disc. The brake pedaling force is not well controlled, which is not conducive to rapid braking. The friction area between the disc brake pad and the brake disc is smaller than that of the drum brake, so the braking force is weak. To improve the shortcomings of the braking force, a larger stepping force or increased oil pressure is required to improve the brake. power. ??????4. The processing of drum brake parts is relatively simple and the manufacturing cost is low, but there are many structural parts. The disc brake has a simple structure and is easier to maintain, but the brake pads are worn out and replaced frequently. ??????The above is the difference between drum brakes and disc brakes. For more information about brakes, please continue to follow us.
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