What is the brake drum crack?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
What is the brake drum crack? Today we are professional hydraulic trailer axle manufacturers and technical personnel, you can take you to understand it! Drum brake of the structure of the car, especially in heavy duty truck, trailer, engineering vehicles, etc. , in frequent braking brake and braking force, such as spray water cooling conditions, use for a long time cause the brake drum fever, tiny crack. Righteousness and axle as a professional manufacturer of car axle, are also the failure mode for many years. To solve the problem of cracks in the brake drum in the market, righteousness and axle in the process of cooperate with German expert, will this problem as a subject, is studied and solved, together with the guidance of the German experts, the casting process in casting parts specification, at present the righteousness and axle had mastered the brake drum, wheel hub of Germany before casting standard, at the same time will be in accordance with the German standards before casting of the brake drum, wheel hub to market verification, validation process did not receive any fault information, finally extract the brake drum to crack an advanced formula, with the subsequent product batch on the market to a great extent, reduce the use cost of users. Through the high quality products, more promote righteousness and axle as a professional manufacturer of car axle professional image. Relevant tags: hydraulic trailer axle
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