What is a torsion shaft?

by:FUSAI     2020-05-11
The shock absorber of the suspension system is the main elastic element of the suspension. The working principle is: Install the non-independently suspended attack wheels on the two ends of a torsion beam. When one side of the wheel bounces up and down, the torsion beam will jump around the two red lines, so that the other side of the wheel will also jump accordingly, reducing the overall body tilt. Or shake. Since it has a certain torsional stiffness, it can play the same role as the lateral stabilizer, which can increase the roll stiffness of the vehicle and improve the roll stability of the vehicle. Advantage: Because the known structure of the torsion beam rear suspension is simple, the manufacturing cost is low, it is easy to maintain and takes up less space in the underbody, the height of the undercarriage of the vehicle can be reduced, and the interior space of the vehicle can be increased.
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