What are the testing method of vehicle front axle deformation?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Car front axle damage due to external force and operating effect of limb in fault, if the direction of the front axle deformation will affect the driving there will be a traffic accident, so once appear front axle deformation and damage, huayang machinery remind everybody should to deal with the professional repair shop as soon as possible. 1, recruitment beam tester test using this method can more accurately measure the front axle in vertical plane and horizontal plane bending and distortion of numerical value, precision can reach 5 & # 39; 。 The tester is based on h beam king pin hole, the steel plate spring seat and the positioning hole as a benchmark. During the inspection, the front axle fixed on the rack, and the steel plate and king pin hole is wiped clean, put two dowel in steel plate positioning hole, base on steel tower block surface, and the positioning hole to cooperate. Put the tester on the block, and the locating mandrel fixed to the king pin hole. Loosen the screw, turn the handwheel, make the v-shaped iron stick positioning mandrel. Then tighten the locating pin v-shaped iron. 2, use inspection instrument, with its king pin hole and spring seat as positioning inspection benchmark. The instrument fixed on the two leaf spring, king pin hole for insert a test bar, each control instrument measuring head and the test bar line contact, through different scale, reflects the king pin holes and steel plate between the spring seat and between two steel plate spring seat position ( Perspective) Position, check that the judge to determine the deformation and deformation degree, specific methods and use step may refer to the instrument manual. Put the front axle on the tablet of two pieces of v-shaped iron, level on the steel plate spring seat. If the level placed horizontally ( Vertical front axle) When the bubble is not in the center position of the front axle has distorted phenomenon; And when such as vertical level bubble is not in the center position, then front axle bending phenomenon. Axle is a very important parts for cars, look for the professional manufacturers of choose and buy will make our products more guaranteed, lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Is a company specializing in the production of axle products manufacturers, my company's axle product quality professional, you are welcome to choose and buy! Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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