What are the functions of car suspension systems?

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
Suspension system is not unfamiliar to us, let's share with you some functions of car suspension system. The suspension system of a car is very sophisticated and complex, and it is also one of the several major structures of the car. The so-called suspension system is the general term for all the force-transmitting connection devices between the car frame and the axle or wheels. The force and force between the frame are twisted, and the impact force transmitted from the uneven road to the frame or body is buffered, and the resulting vibration is attenuated to ensure that the car can run smoothly. The structure of a typical suspension system is composed of elastic elements, guide mechanisms and shock absorbers, and individual structures also have buffer blocks and transverse stabilizers. The suspension system is an important assembly in a car. It connects the frame and the wheels elastically, which is related to the various performances of the car. The car suspension system is only composed of some rods, tubes and springs, but do not think it is very simple. On the contrary, the car suspension is a car assembly that is difficult to achieve perfect requirements. This is because the suspension system must meet the comfort of the car. Sexual requirements, but also to meet the requirements of its handling stability, and these two aspects are mutually opposed. This shows how important the car’s suspension system is. The suspension system is also one of the core of the car. As one of the important parts of the car’s suspension system, the axle also plays a very important role. At the same time, as an important component, when choosing a manufacturer You must also be cautious and choose some reliable manufacturers to purchase. We, Lianyungang Huayang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., are a professional manufacturer of axles. At the same time, we also have a full range of axles. Our company produces cars. There are hydraulic trailer axles, powered flatbed axles and wheeled pallet truck axles. If you have related needs, please contact us! Related tags: power flatbed vehicle axle
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