Some of the driving tips semi-trailer

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
Is a kind of tractor semi-trailer, often use cargo transport, due to its huge so driving up also needs to have certain skills, let the power platform car axle manufacturer to introduce you to a half trailer some small driving skills! 1, now the semi-trailer as gear more road, accelerating the shift up process is very cumbersome. So the driver once by lifting speed, few fundamental change ideas to slow down, most of them after driving skills to avoid some of the obstacles, and the brake with too little, naturally this is form the basic accidents. If the discriminant error, everything is not unexpected. And overload overspeed load is another reason semi-trailer easy out of control. So normal overload semi-trailer and kinetic energy is quite large, the role of the brake is relatively weakened, plus speeding, is far greater than the brake is responsible for his own ability. So often see semi-trailer brake failure, and so on accident are present in this way. And long distance truck trailer driver due to long time, has a long interval, hard to avoid can render the tired, the body is not focused, and so on and so forth, moreover dozed in driving on, especially in wide and straight road, or under the long break, semi-trailer drivers are most likely to visual numbness and the formation of a heavy accident. 2, in the process of driving, if encounter a truck trailer ahead, if want to go beyond, the best thing to do is: first, the interval of around one hundred meters away from big trucks, look at the road ahead, in ensuring that the road ahead is good, good view, overtaking turn light, sound, and frequency flash headlights, and examined the semi-trailer. If semi-trailer and no presence, and there is no left shaking right sway tendency, then step on the gas rapidly beyond it. Beyond don't immediately after and lines to the driveway, preferably with semi open five hundred meters back to normal again after the interval of lane. In the process of the whole, must hold direction, near the truck, the sound, and frequency flashing headlights to stop at the same time, be short of one cannot. Why to do so, its purpose is to inform semi-trailer driver, to overtake the yo. With time due to overload of trailer, could not see you flash tip; Also have couldn't hear the noise for itself, the status of the tip, so sound and flash must stop at the same time, and the best in the whole process is not continuous. Even the truck driver fell asleep, he could also be horn awakening and accident prevention. Avoid by all means in corners or don't know under the condition of roads, consciously overtaking. 3, night driving also pay special attention to, semi-trailer is often due to inadequate care car condition is very poor, the light is not neat or smoke is often the things. So night during high-speed semi-trailer taillight many tiny lamplight, even can't see the tail lights. The exhaust fumes combined with black smoke billowing, but also will seriously affect the vision. Easy to produce the illusion of fog. So driving time in the evening, had better choose to run on the expressway. Meet with sudden smoke should slow down immediately, to prevent the risk of collision. 4, the peak period of rainy day is accident, super-heavy semi-trailer in heavy rain day time also must pay attention to skills, due to the fact that water mist semi-trailer rolled up by the rotation of the wheels will greatly, with before it will make your back or side glass is a vague, so the overtaking is in addition to sound, flashing lights, wiper status should also be in a state of continuous work, it is best to increase one or two gears under normal conditions. In addition, it must slow down when going in and out of the tunnel, especially behind overloading semi-trailer. Due to the hole intense light, the moment into the tunnel, the eye will produce dark adaptation for a short period of time, can see nothing; Out of the tunnel, because habits in the dark, see the sun, eyes will be dazzled, also can produce bright suit, for a short period of time can't see things clearly. So if some of the trailer in the mouth of the cave full stops or repair, or a trailer driver due to present bright and dark adaptation, semi-trailer is out of control. Speed through fast, will inevitably present danger with too close. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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