Operating conditions to be considered when selecting

by:FUSAI     2020-02-24
???The brake is a kind of safety protection device. Its main function is to control the movement of the machine. When selecting the brake, you must choose the appropriate brake according to its use environment. You must consider the following points when choosing the brake: ????(1) When choosing a normally open or normally closed brake, it is mainly based on the size of the braking torque, the nature of the work and the working conditions. For example, the lifting and luffing mechanisms of lifting machinery must use normally closed brakes; for the running and rotating mechanisms of various vehicles and lifting machinery, in order to accurately stop, the size of the torque must be controlled, and normally open brakes are mostly used . ????(2) Select the type according to the role and working requirements of the brake. For institutions with high safety requirements, double brakes are generally installed. For example, the lifting mechanism of a crane that transports molten metal, each of the two brakes can support the load without falling. Another example is that the braking torque of the brake must have sufficient reserves, that is, a certain safety factor should be guaranteed. ????(3) Consider the space size of the place of use. Where there is enough space, an external holding brake can be used. Space is limited. Generally, belt, disc or inner shoe brakes are available.
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