Modified and application of the automobile rear axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
Electric car rear axle refers to the rear axle, used to support wheel, gear connected to the rear wheels. If the front axle drive vehicle, driving axle is just a follow-up bridge, only have the effect of bearing. If not front axle drive axle, then drive axle and rear axle is at this time in addition to the bearing function also have the effect of drivers to slow down and differential. The electric tricycle rear axle, belongs to the application of vehicle technology. It includes forming a shell cavity, one is located in the rear axle shell shell in the cavity and carry a big sprocket differential, a pair of their respective respectively and differential transmission at the end of the coupling and the other end of the respective respectively fixed with left and right wheels left and right half shaft, one end of the rear axle shell narrow indentation, and constitute the first pivot foot sprocket holes and for cavity; Narrow at the other end into a second pin hole, the ends of the differential pivot respectively in the first and second pin holes, a pair of left and right half axis and differential drive coupling for spline coupling, pedal sprocket for cavity Settings are used for connected with differential between sprocket. Because of the rear axle can improve the electric tricycle adaptability to road conditions, operating control effect is good, stable driving energy and to increase security, make the electric tricycle can enhance gradeability and increase torque, power saving, easy to install and economically practical. Relevant tags: derrick axle
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