Maintenance of steering system of automobile front axle

by:FUSAI     2020-06-01
??????1. For the first-level maintenance of the leaf springs on the front and rear axles of the car, grease should be added to the front and rear leaf spring pins, and some grease (including the ends of the secondary leaf spring) should be applied between the rear end of the plate and the skateboard to contact the bracket Office. Always check the steel plate riding bolts for looseness and tighten them in time according to the specified torque. ???????2. Tire inspection ??????①Notes on tires: Always keep the tire pressure in line with the standard; you must check the tires when parking, remove the nails, stones and stones sandwiched between the tires; if the tire is damaged, it should be repaired immediately; control The working temperature of the tire should be rested in the shade in the middle of the road when driving in hot weather for a long time. Do not drive at high speed to reduce the temperature of the tire; drive the vehicle correctly and choose a good road to drive, and reduce the speed when there is a bad road; slow when turning Try to avoid using emergency braking and preventing tires from rubbing; do not overload, and the load should be evenly distributed; keep the technical performance of the devices such as front wheel positioning, steering, braking, and roads; try to choose tires with the same specifications, patterns, and newness ; Regularly change the front axle and rear axle tires; some vehicle tires are unevenly worn in one direction, and it is necessary to pay attention to regular reversal; store axle tires properly, to be sun-proof, waterproof, and oil-proof; when the car is parked for a long time, The frame should be lifted to relieve the tire load. ?????????②The inspection standards stipulate the tires: the left and right wheels on the same axle should be equipped with tires of the same model and the same pattern; the tire pressure and the load should meet the regulations; the tread depth of the center of the tread should not be less than 2, and the tire surface should not be hard Injury and exposed lines; retreaded tires must not be installed on the steering wheel; the amount of tire swing and runout should not be exceeded by small cars. ??????????3. For large vehicles, no more than 5; the rims should be intact and the nuts are complete and tightened. The main reasons for tire rupture: the inflation pressure is too high or too low; the tire overload work; running on bumps and bumps on uneven roads.
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