Is independent suspension better than torsion

by:FUSAI     2020-03-25

This must be wrong. For civil vehicles, the camber angle is not very important, and the torque beams of Peugeot and Citroen are very good. 

The Citroen C4L 1.6T's handling is no less than that of independently suspended Golf, Sagitar, and Fox. 

However, the tuning range of a good independent suspension is wider, such as camber angle, ordinary torsion beams cannot adjust camber angle. 

Would you adjust the camber of the wheels to negative, that kind of exaggerated outside character? Although it has an impact on linear acceleration performance, the cornering and heavy braking tires have higher grip, which means that the cornering speed is higher and the braking performance is better. 

You will find that the tires of F1, motorhomes and racing cars are exaggerated.

When the car turns, the center of gravity is on the outside vehicle. The grip on the outside vehicle is very important. If it is adjusted to the outside figure, the outside tire will be exactly 90 degrees to the ground when the car rolls. After all, the inner wheels have a weak grip and it doesn't matter. Of course, when the tire is suspended, it depends on the length of the upper and lower arms. If the upper arm is short, the outer eight is the opposite. The cost of an independent suspension capable of adjusting camber is not higher than that of a torsion beam capable of adjusting camber. 

If a torsion beam suspension can adjust the camber angle, then this suspension is difficult to manufacture.                                

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