Improved appearance of forged front axle of automobile

by:FUSAI     2020-05-18
The front axle and front axle products produced by Fusai Axle Forging Branch are mainly used by the company's internal axle branch. In order to better improve product quality and reduce product costs, the front axle forging branch is also constantly carrying out various Innovation and improvement, this time mainly to improve the appearance of the forged front axle: Improved appearance of forged front axle of automobile front axle Before improvement: the appearance quality of the forged front axle of the car's front axle is poor, and the oxide scale after conditioning and heating is removed by manual grinding. The labor intensity of the worker is very large, and the oxide scale and the flying dust of the grinding wheel diffuse the workshop. It is healthy, wastes a lot of manpower and material resources, and some irregular corners of the front axle cannot be removed by grinding wheels, which makes it difficult to remove, resulting in lower adhesion of the paint during painting, and serious paint drop off of the front axle, causing customer complaints. After improvement: We conducted a multi-party comparative survey and purchased the most advanced stepping ring rail pass-through shot blasting machine with high cost performance and excellent service to perform shot blasting on the forged front axle of the automobile front axle. The machine can blast the two front axles at the same time, which greatly improves the appearance quality of the front axle and improves the fatigue strength. The production efficiency is dozens of times higher than manual grinding.
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