How long will it take if I want fifth wheel hitch sample?
Well, it may vary based on different situations. In general, we will keep the inventory of fifth wheel hitch on hand for a rainy day. If you ask for the sample which is exactly what we have in stock, then you can get it at a fast speed. However, if you have some requirements for the product. For example, if customized specifications, unique appearance, different logo design, etc. are required, it will take a longer time for us to manufacture the sample. The time of obtaining the sample also relates to the ordering sequence, shipping time, and other factors.

Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd is well positioned to serve as an international independent trailer suspension manufacturer and exporter since its inception. According to the material, Shandong Fuhua Axle's products are divided into several categories, and hydraulic axle is one of them. The design of FUSAI trailer axles and parts takes into consideration many factors. They are good function and aesthetics, durability, economy, appropriated material, appropriated structure, personality/identity, etc. It is manufactured in strict accordance with TS-16949-2000 and ISO9001-2008 standards. The product quality has been strictly guaranteed throughout the whole production. The product comes fully assembled and is ready to use.

We have a mutual dream of being an international trailer landing gear manufacturer some day. Get quote!
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