Customized axles will become the future development trend

by:FUSAI     2020-05-23
??????With decades of understanding and precipitation of automobile axles, after decades of development and production of axle products, Yihe Axle has accumulated a wealth of research and development and manufacturing experience, and also allowed Yihe Axle products to Light vehicle axles have become a veritable cross-border operation with multiple fields such as heavy-duty axles, corn axles, electric vehicle front and rear axles, and U-bolts. The structure is not possessed by many other axle companies and axle manufacturers. ??????The second is to gradually establish a complete system of axle research and development collaboration. Product R & D is undoubtedly the core means to maintain the sustainable development of the enterprise. Therefore, Yihe Axle has always been committed to building a perfect R & D collaboration system. By forming a linkage mechanism with OEMs, major universities and end users, timely Feedback various types of information and gradually improve the functionality, reliability and safety of the product through a very fine division of labor. The purpose is to satisfy vehicle manufacturers and end users who use Yihe Axle. ??????The third is that the speed of response to the market has been recognized by vehicle manufacturers and end users. In recent years, while promoting its own products, Yihe Axle has not overlooked the importance of after-sales service and information feedback. It always solves various problems caused by the axle in a short period of time as soon as possible. The rapid revision in the production of the product, this response speed has undoubtedly become an indispensable advantage for Yihe Axle to win the market. ??????The fourth is to maintain its core competitiveness through resource focusing. In so many years of market competition, Yihe Axle is also deeply aware of the importance of a complete supporting system for the development of the enterprise. Therefore, Yihe Axle has also been building a stable supplier system to ensure delivery The cycle of the product can also ensure the stability of product quality.
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