Causes of the brake deflection

by:FUSAI     2020-03-03
??Even if it is only used normally, after a long time of use, the braking effect of the brake will also deviate, so what are the reasons that cause the brake to deviate? ????① If the vehicle runs off during normal driving, first perform the following visual inspection: check whether the tire pressure, pattern, and wear of the left and right wheels are consistent; check whether each shock absorber is leaking or fails; check whether the suspension spring is broken or Whether the elasticity is consistent. ????② Support the wheel, turn it by hand and push and pull the wheel tire axially. If there is looseness or over-tightness on one side of the wheel, the pre-tension of the bearing should be readjusted; if there is a card issue or abnormal noise when turning the wheel, check whether the wheel hub bearing is damaged or damaged. ????③ Car road test. After braking, if the car deviates to one side, the wheels on the other side are not well braked. ????First deflate the wheel brake. If no brake fluid is sprayed out, it means that the wheel brake line is blocked and should be replaced. If there is air in the released brake fluid, it means that air is mixed in the brake line of the wheel and it should be discharged. ????Observe the wheel brake clearance. If the brake clearance is too large, it means that the brake shoe friction plate is worn seriously or the brake self-adjusting device fails, and it should be replaced. ????The above inspection is normal, and the wheel brake should be removed and inspected. Check whether the brake disc or brake drum is worn or even grooved, if it is too worn, it should be replaced; if there is severe groove, it should be turned or bored; check whether the brake shoe friction plate (friction pad) is oily or dirty Water is wet and worn too much. If the friction lining (lining) is oily or wet, the cause should be identified and cleaned up; if the friction lining is too worn, it should be replaced; check the brake wheel cylinder or caliper piston if there is oil leakage Or card issue, it should be replaced. ????④ If there is a deviation from side to side when braking, check whether the front wheel alignment meets the requirements. Should be adjusted; check if the steering gear is loose, if it is loose, tighten, adjust or replace it. ????⑤ If the vehicle flickers during braking, check whether the load sensing proportional valve is faulty.
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