Causes and solutions of uneven brake discs

by:FUSAI     2020-05-15
During the use of the brake disc, there may be unevenness and jitter. What are the reasons for the unevenness of the brake disc? What is the solution? Reason one: lightly brake the body shake In this case, the rear brake disc is generally uneven or the rear brake drum is not round, causing the whole body to shake, especially for vehicles with drum brakes on the rear wheels. This is because the rear wheels are not responsible for steering, and directly transfer the force from the brakes to the body, causing the entire body to shake. Solution: Go to the repair shop for inspection. If the thickness of the rear brake disc or rear brake drum is allowed, it can be solved by the optical brake disc or optical brake drum. solve. Reason two: Shaking when the brake is heavily applied at medium and high speeds Because current cars are generally equipped with an ABS system, this is a normal situation. Generally, the ABS system will work when the heavy brake is applied at high speed in the vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle. The brake shake at high speed is caused by the uneven brake disc, which has nothing to do with the brake pads. Unbalanced rotating parts will produce vibration. This vibration mainly occurs on the tire. It is recommended to change the place to do a four-wheel balance once to see if the problem is solved to eliminate the possibility of tire failure. If it still trembles, check the following half shaft, shaft head and other related parts. When the road is uneven, the car will drift to the right. Because the problem of drainage must be considered in the design of the highway, it is impossible to make it very flat. If it deviates even on very flat roads, it should be checked by the maintenance department. Reason three: lightly step on the direction of the car to shake This situation shows that the flatness of the front brake disc has exceeded the required range. In other words, the front brake disc is not flat. The main reason is that the front wheels of cars currently on the market are generally disc brakes. This type of brake will clamp the brake disc when we step on the brake. If the brake disc is not flat at this time, it will Give the brake pads a radial force, and this force changes back and forth at a very fast speed. The front wheels are also responsible for the steering effect, which causes the direction to shake under the driving of the front wheels. Solution: Go to the repair shop for inspection. If the thickness of the front brake disc is allowed, it can be solved by the optical brake disc. If the brake disc is already below the limit thickness or close to the limit thickness, it can only be solved by replacing the brake disc.
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