Axle installation considerations

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Axle is one of the more important in these parts, but we also should pay attention to in the axle installation related issues, let's lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Summarizes several matters needing attention of axle for you! The operator should wear labor protection products, must hold relevant certificates. Assembly fixture must correspond to the corresponding bridge. Should be inspected carefully before they are on to start the chain, roller, and connection is normal, check the safety protection device and the insurance device, check is complete, the shield cover between with and without sundry, check whether the photoelectric protection is reliable, confirmed rear can start without problems. Start first by slow running, running after no problem again from slow to fast, to avoid direct rapid operation. The operator must have the specialist is responsible for, other personnel shall not, without the operation. After the start line, can not leave work, problems should be shut off the power. Tools or spare parts shall not be thrown into the chain or in the gutter, if tools or components into the chain or in the gutter, are not allowed to do STH without authorization to pick up, to take after must be a power outage. Lines must be kept unobstructed, and pavement are strictly prohibited to pile up goods and spare parts, more can't sweep the garbage in the gutter. Homework personnel must coordinate with each other echo, pay attention to safety. Lifting goods must first check whether the spreader is strong, smooth lifting goods down as far as possible, it is strictly prohibited to sew do safe driving. Special sling shall not use. Regularly carried out on the assembly line maintenance, clean up online and gutter sundry, when maintenance in power outages. Stuck phenomenon occurred during operation, should immediately turn off the power supply and press the stop button. Finish line assembly, should immediately stop running and turn the power off. When using pneumatic, electric tools, to check whether is good, prevent leakage, leakage cuts. Good use of wind wheel wear protective glasses, grinding wheel slice direction may not be the person. Using a wrench, wrench to tighten bolts must be the same as the bolt torque to the fork leg to stand still, and bolt strength to bifurcation slowly tighten force, prevent slippage. May not be the one to hit, direction, to avoid hurt people. Use hanging installation tools, to check whether the balancer is in the first place. When pressed to be executed in strict accordance with the operating rules, and shall not use, more can't hand in a pressed position. Under the hanging tool installation personnel was not allowed to pass. The above considerations about axle is here first! Our company also provides hydraulic trailer axle at the same time, the dynamic platform car axle and the wheel moving locomotive bridge, if you have any requirements or there is any doubt welcome to contact us! Relevant tags: derrick axle
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