Axle development direction

by:FUSAI     2020-02-10
As the core assembly of trucks, the importance of axles has attracted more and more attention. The rapid development of science and technology will also lead the axles to develop in the following directions: (1) Specialization The axle industry will gradually improve the product spectrum classification according to the use conditions of vehicles, and provide specific products for each market segment; (2) Lightweight With the introduction of weight-to-charge and fuel tax policies, lightweighting has become a major trend in the development of trucks, and axles will also use more new materials to optimize the structural design; (3) High efficiency Manufacturing high-efficiency axles will become the goal of various companies. For example, Dana's two-speed axles can provide two speed ratios. A large speed ratio can increase torque at full load and a small speed ratio at no load. Can save fuel (4) Wide application of disc brakes Disc brakes have good heat dissipation and light weight. Trucks in Europe and the United States have widely used disc brakes; (5) Wide application of electronic system assisted braking technology Domestic buses have widely used ABS systems and will gradually be extended to the truck industry. Passenger car technologies such as ESP and EBD will also be gradually applied.
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