Axle classification and structural characteristics

by:FUSAI     2020-05-09
?1. Introduction of axle classification of semi-trailer: Semi-trailer axle number classification Semi-trailers can be divided into single axle, double axle, three axle and multi axle four categories according to axle axle: Single axle semi-trailer is the simplest semi-trailer, national standard? GB6420-86? Specifies the total mass of the semi-trailer? 13.3t? And? 13.3t? The following are single axes. Its kerb quality is small, manufacturing is convenient, and tire wear and fuel consumption are low. along with? The required increase in the loading mass of the semi-trailer is to increase the number of axles of the semi-trailer in order not to exceed the provisions of the axle load and the total load. Second, the structural characteristics of semi-trailer classification: Semi-trailers can be classified into semi-trailers with variable wheelbase, semi-trailers with axles that can be lifted, semi-trailers with multiple towing pins, semi-trailers with movable towing pins, etc. The variable wheelbase semi-trailer may be in the form that the wheelbase moves relative to the semi-trailer frame. The reprinted mass of J10BZ, J15BZ and J140BZ in my country is 7t, 8t and 10t respectively, the longitudinal beams are retractable, and the length of the cargo box varies within 7-11m. The axle can lift the semi-trailer. After lifting the axle, the attachment conditions are changed to reduce driving resistance and tire wear, but the structure is complicated. The actuator is a pneumatic or hydraulic component. Semi-trailers with multiple towing pins generally have double towing pins and triple towing pins. III. Classification by form and use: The use range of semi-trailer trains is wide, and the classification according to form and use actually includes the special vehicles in the category. On the basis of the basic type, that is, ordinary rail-type semi-trailer and low platform semi-trailer, it can be classified as follows according to GB6420-86 : Flatbed semitrailer, low flatbed semitrailer, concave flatbed semitrailer, box semitrailer, dumper semitrailer, special container semitrailer, container flatbed semitrailer, container rail semitrailer, liquid tank semitrailer, powder container Semi-trailers, livestock and poultry semi-trailers, prefabricated semi-trailers, long cargo semi-trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers, horizontally extended semi-trailers, longitudinally extended semi-trailers and combined semi-trailers Fourth, according to the semi-trailer drive mode classification: (1) Self-driving semi-trailer train, which is equipped with engine drive, and the train is equipped with two engines. Nanjing Institute of Electronic Engineering, Nanjing Automotive Research Institute and 705 Factory have jointly developed batches of self-driven semi-trailer trains. (2) The self-driven semi-trailer train has good passability and has the significance of military and field operations. As the power of the tractor is reduced, the size of the train is reduced, and driving stability, maneuverability, and economy are improved. After adding the guide wheels to the semi-trailer, the semi-trailer can be used separately after the trailer is removed, but the structure is more complicated. (3) Other driving semi-trailer trains are ordinary semi-trailer trains. The semi-trailer itself does not have an engine and its transmission.
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