Auto parts selection method

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
A confirmed regular car parts, parts trademarks trademark and packaging quality is very good, clear on the packaging. Color is bright, the name of the packaging must be marked on the product, specifications, quantity, a registered trademark, the name address and phone number, etc. Some manufacturers with anti-counterfeiting mark on parts. Important components like generators, battery. Fuel injection pump must also be equipped with operating instructions, such as certificate of approval and inspector name or code, used to guide the user operation correctly. When buying, should have to carefully identify and prevent to buy fake and inferior products. Second, parts geometry size confirm some parts are prone to deformation by manufacturing, transportation and other reasons. Axial parts inspection process, should be put the shaft parts in glass or other objects rolling with plane. See parts and judging whether the plane of the junction light-leaking shaft parts straightening or not. When choosing other parts also should according to its material and shape correct method is adopted to improve the recognition. Three, parts surface rust confirm formal parts should have a certain degree of finish on the surface, the more sophisticated parts, packaging, more rigorous rust and corrosion. When buying must pay attention to check. If discover parts there is corrosion, mildew spot, or rubber element cracking, without flexibility, or journal had obvious tool surface texture, must change. Four, the glue joint parts loose confirmed by two or more parts assembled into the parts by pressure equipment, plastic or welded together. Links are not allowed to have loose phenomenon, when buying, if found loose, five, rotating parts must be replaced is the flexibility to confirm buy rotating components, its rotation will be no binding, turn. Moving parts are in irons, indicate that the component internal corrosion or deformation, can't buy. Six, assembly parts have shape pieces of confirmation of formal assembly parts should be complete, intact. If some assembly parts of individual small parts packing, lost. Will make the parts can't work normally even scrapped. Resulting in safe hidden trouble. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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