Attention must be paid to the wear of rolling

by:FUSAI     2020-06-05

In the use of automobile axles, especially the rolling bearings on the front axle working under high temperature, high speed and high load conditions for a long time, it is often prone to wear, ablation, speckle, cracking and fatigue peeling, and early damage. ????????Rolling bearings are highly standardized parts with good interchangeability and low lubricant consumption. Most can be lubricated with grease, easy to use and maintain, reliable work, static friction torque is close to dynamic friction torque, good starting performance, high load capacity at medium speed . But the life is low at high speed and the sound is loud. Rolling bearings can be divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings according to the load direction. 

(1) The contact stress of the working surface of the rolling bearing on the front axle is too large, and the surface under load is subject to wear and fatigue peeling. This damage increases the axial and radial clearance of the bearing, generates noise during the operation of the front axle, and destroys the correct position of the shaft with which it cooperates. According to the bench test, the rule of bearing damage is generally that the cage is permanently deformed after being loaded, and then cracks from the joint. The cage was sheared, and the steel balls between the bearing raceways were stuck and could not rotate freely, so that the local unit pressure was too large and was crushed, causing large pieces of metal on the working surface to peel off and damage. 

(2) Abnormal wear on the mating surfaces of the bearing inner and outer races. The wear of the front axle under normal use conditions is not large, but when sand or hard particles invade the bearing and the lubrication is insufficient or the lubricant is deteriorated, it is easy to produce sharp wear, which increases the rolling surface clearance and deforms the parts. Destroy the normal operation of bearings and related parts. The ball (pillar) of the rolling bearing is broken, scratched, and the spacer is loose. Poor assembly and adjustment, especially when the seat ring is installed on the front axle, which is too tight, and the method is not proper when disassembling, rubbing and wearing each other during work, loosening the rolling body and squeezing the bearing. 

At the same time, check the tightening of the front axle steering gear bracket bolts, and the connection and tightening of the steering arm shaft and steering arm. Check the tightness of the front axle (axle) hub bearing, check and eliminate oil leakage from the steering gear (the front axle drive vehicle should include the front axle housing), and tighten the sealing bolts of the housing. Check the lubricating oil level of the steering gear (the front axle drive vehicle includes the main reducer housing) and add lubricating oil. If there are vent holes, they should be cleared.                                

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