Analysis of the working principle of the 'bridge

by:FUSAI     2020-05-24
The steering wheel of the car is a control element, which is a component of the steering system of the car, and is connected to the steering axle of the front axle of the car. The principle of the entire steering mechanism is to transform the circular motion into a linear motion through the rack and pinion, and push the wheels to rotate. From the point of view of physics, the steering wheel is a lever. The radius of the steering wheel is the length of the arm. The larger the steering wheel, the less effort. There are several types of automobile steering gears. Common are rack and pinion steering gear and recirculating ball steering gear. Rack and pinion steering systems have quickly become the type of steering systems commonly used in automobiles, minivans, and SUVs. The working mechanism is very simple. The rack and pinion gear set is wrapped in a metal tube, and each tooth end of the rack protrudes outside the metal tube, and is connected together with a tie rod to be installed on the front axle of the car. The pinion gear is attached to the steering axle. When you turn the steering wheel, the gear rotates, which drives the rack. The tie rods at each tooth end of the rack are connected to the steering arm responsible for steering of the front axle of the car. Currently, many trucks and SUVs are using recirculating ball steering systems. The tie rods that rotate the wheels are slightly different from rack and pinion steering systems. The drawbar of the front axle rotating wheels is slightly different from the rack and pinion steering system. The recirculating ball type steering gear has a crucible rod, and the working principle of the power steering in the recirculating ball type system is similar to the rack and pinion type system. The auxiliary power is also provided by injecting high-pressure liquid into the side of the metal block. In the process of driving, we must grasp the safe gesture of holding the steering wheel. If the clock is used as a steering wheel, for example, the front is 0 o'clock, that is, the left hand is held near 9 o'clock and the right hand is held near 3 o'clock. Put your thumb on the steering wheel naturally. When driving the steering wheel, hands should alternate directions. When the steering wheel makes one lap, the left hand turns halfway and the right hand follows immediately to continue the direction.
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