Why should I turn to Fuhua?
Put simply, Fuhua has several advantages worth people's attention and favor. The first is about product properties. Having gone through multiple physical and chemical tests, the raw materials used to make the products are perfectly combined with each other, enabling the finished products to present the greatest effects. Our products feature reliability, stability, and safety, and also are certified under many international authorities. Then is about brand pricing. We price the products reasonably and scientifically, which can totally help us retain old customers and attract new customers.

Shandong Fuhua Axle Co., Ltd is committed to continuous innovation, meeting consumer needs and working with suppliers to pursue the best solutions. According to the material, Shandong Fuhua Axle's products are divided into several categories, and bogie truck is one of them. The fabrics of FUSAI king pin kit face the necessary finishing processes. These processes mainly include bleaching, dyeing, printing, and heat setting. It is suited for manufacturers of trailers, trailers rental company or logistics companies. All indicators of this product meet the requirements of international quality indicators. It introduces either alloy steel or low-carbon steel as raw materials.

Fuhua Trailer Parts is one with our customers, treating your pain and success as our own. Call!
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