Why do you say that the disc maker is good?

by:FUSAI     2020-02-11
??Nowadays, more and more people choose to choose disc brakes in family cars. The brakes are related to the safety of the family's life. Everyone is very careful in the choice of the maker, but many people do n’t understand the advantages of disc brakes. Actually, The structure of the disc maker is a bit more complicated and the operation is sensitive. Today Zhongyuan Brake will give you the advantages of the disc brake: ??????1. The thermal expansion of the brake disc will not cause the stroke loss of the brake pedal like the thermal expansion of the brake drum, which will also simplify the design of the automatic gap adjustment device. ??????2. Good thermal stability. Because the size of the brake friction pad is not long, the area of ??its working surface is only 12% ~ 6% of the area of ??the brake disc, so the heat dissipation is better. ??????3. The braking torque has nothing to do with the forward and backward driving of the car. ??????4. The disc-type friction lining is easier to replace after wear than the drum-type friction lining, the structure is simpler, and maintenance is easier. ??????5. The disc brake is a hot maker in recent years, and its stability and heat resistance are higher than ordinary brakes. Of course, the cost is also relatively high, but nothing is more precious than life. It does not matter if the brake is more expensive.
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