What to do if the brake disc of the car rusts

by:FUSAI     2020-05-13
Most of the brake discs are made of cast iron, and they are exposed for a long time, and the working environment is relatively awful. They often face the test of ice and fire. If the vehicle is parked for a long time, or when it is in a humid environment, some rust will be generated on the surface of the brake disc, and these rusts will more or less affect the normal operation of the brake system, so we need to consciously apply it Clean up. Next, please let me know what to do if the brake disc of the car rusts due to rainy days or long-term suspension. If there is only slight rust on the surface, then we can use continuous braking method to clean it. Of course, this is under the premise of ensuring safety and not affecting public transportation. While driving, lightly press the brakes to allow the friction between the brake pads and the brake disc to 'polish' the surface. If the condition of rust is serious, we do not recommend the above method of depressing the brake. When there are many rust marks, the surface of the brake disc will be uneven. In this case, the brake will cause the body to shake. The driver can obviously feel the abnormality of the brake pedal, steering wheel and body. At this time, it will be difficult to remove the rust. Even if it is barely 'polished', it will cause abnormal wear of the brake pads afterwards, and there will still be jitters. So we try to drive the vehicle into the repair shop, remove the brake discs, sand the rust with sandpaper to clean it, check the surface of the brake pads for abnormalities, and conduct a road test after proper installation. Drive on a flat road at a speed of 70KM / H per hour and apply multiple brakes to ensure that there are no abnormalities. If there are still jitters, it means that the surface of the brake disc is not flat, and it needs to be further polished or leveled or replaced as appropriate. The above is about rainy days or long-term stoppage which caused the brake discs of the car to rust. What do you do? Do you understand? If you want to know more about brake discs, please pay attention to our website, wonderful content will be presented to you at any time!
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