What kind of brake is used in the front wheels

by:FUSAI     2020-02-22
Regardless of whether it is a bicycle, or an electric vehicle, or a family car, the braking system is a must-have on every vehicle. Without a braking system, that kind of scene is unimaginable. In the braking system, the brake is very important. Generally speaking, the effect of front wheel braking is greater than the contribution of rear wheel braking. The front brake is generally divided into two types: drum and disc. In general passenger cars, the brakes on the front and rear wheels are often different. If the four wheels are disc brakes, the front wheels are mostly braked with ventilated discs, and the rear wheels are usually braked with ordinary discs. If disc and drum brakes are used in combination, disc brakes are used on the front wheels and drum brakes are used on the rear wheels. The drum brake is also called a block brake, which is achieved by pressing the brake pad on the brake wheel. Drum brake is an early-designed braking system. The design of its brake drum has been used in carriages since 1902, and it was not widely used in the automotive industry until around 1920. At present, the mainstream of drum brakes is the internal tension type. Its brake pads (brake shoes) are located on the inner side of the brake wheel. When the brake is applied, the brake pads open outward and rub the inside of the brake wheel to achieve the purpose of braking. It can be seen that from the beginning of the carriage, there are brake systems. It can be seen how important the quality of the vehicle brake system is for the vehicle. So choosing the right brake is also important for vehicle quality and safety. Our company is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of brakes. If you want to purchase products, you can call us for detailed product introduction.
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