What is the function of the drive axle?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
Axle is a kind of very important auto parts, drive axle is a kind of automobile axle, so what about the function of the drive axle? Below we semi-trailer axle manufacturers to introduce the specific function of drive axle for you! 1, the drive axle is located at the end of the drive train can change from the transmission speed and torque, and pass them to the drive wheels. 2, drive axle at the end of the power transmission system, its basic functions are: to universal transmission device of engine torque, through the main reducer, differential and half shaft to the drive wheels, implementation speed increasing torque reduction. Through the main reducer cone gears change torque transfer direction; By differential wheel differential on both sides, ensure the inner and outer wheels at different speed changes; Through the bridge shell and wheel load and the torque effect. 3 and a half, differential in drive axle, gear reducer, shaft eventually transmitted to the wheels to realize vehicle movement, the end of the drive axle in power transmission system. Above is our drive axle professional manufacturer for your introduction about the function of the drive axle of some specific, if you have any relevant knowledge for axle welcome contact with us! Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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