What is the front axle of the car

by:FUSAI     2020-05-19
???????????What is the front axle of the car, as the name suggests, is the axle located at the front of the car. Relatively speaking, there is a front axle of the car and there is a rear axle of the car. For the gear with a high sliding speed of the rear axle of the car, in order to improve its wear resistance, sulfurization deal with. The temperature during sulfurization is low, so it will not cause gear deformation. After sulfurization, the friction coefficient can be significantly reduced, so even if the lubrication conditions are poor, it will prevent the gears from seizing, gluing and scratching. ???????????When the main reducer of the front axle drive axle of the automobile adopts the worm gear transmission, the correct selection of the materials of the worm gear and the worm directly determines the service life of the worm gear transmission. The worm should be hard and strong, while the worm gear should be soft and wear-resistant. Therefore, the general worm gear is made of phosphor bronze, and the worm is made of molybdenum manganese steel or chromium steel that is easy to heat treat to obtain high hardness. ???????The calculation of the main reducer bearing, the calculation of the bearing is mainly to calculate the life of the bearing. Normally, the front axle drive axle of a car is a preliminary selection of the bearing type according to the structural size of the main reducer, and then the bearing life is verified. The main external factor affecting the service life of the main reducer bearing is its working load and working conditions. Therefore, before checking the bearing life, the axial force and radial force acting on the gear should first be obtained, and then the bearing reaction force To determine the bearing load.
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