What is the differential on the front axle of the car

by:FUSAI     2020-05-17
The differential is to allow the two axles to rotate at different speeds during the steering process of the front axle of the car, to meet the needs of the two driving wheels for unequal distance travel, so that the car can both drive straight and turn lightly. At present, domestic cars and other types of cars basically use a differential composed of planetary gears, side gears, planetary gear shafts (cross shafts or a direct sales shaft), and differential housings. The two differential halves are bolted together. The driven gear of the final drive is bolted to the flange of the differential case. The cross-shaped planetary gear shaft is installed in the circular hole opposite the joint surface of the differential case. Each journal is sleeved with a straight tooth conical planetary gear with a sliding bearing. The left and right sides of the four planetary gears are respectively A straight-tooth conical half-shaft gear meshes. The axle shaft of the half shaft gear is supported in corresponding holes on the left and right sides of the differential case, and the internal splines are connected with the half shaft. Differential In cars below mid-size, because the torque of the driving wheels is not large, two planetary gears are used in the differential. The corresponding planetary gear shaft phase is a direct sales shaft, and the differential case can be made into an integral shell with large window holes, through which the planet gears and side gears can be disassembled and assembled. ????The axle housing supports and protects the main reducer, the half shaft of the differential, etc., so that the relative position of the driving axis is fixed. Together with the driven axle, it bears the weight of the car and bears various reaction forces and moments transmitted by the wheels. The drive axle housing is generally composed of the main reducer housing and the half shaft sleeve. Its inside is used to install the main reducer, differential and half shaft, etc .; its outside is connected to the frame through the suspension, the brake bottom plate is installed at both ends and the wheels are connected, to bear the various forces and Torque.
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