What is the difference between double wishbone

by:FUSAI     2020-05-29
The so-called double-wishbone independent suspension is an independent suspension with two crossarms swinging in the horizontal plane of the car. They are generally of equal length and unequal length. They can mainly maintain the main pin when the wheels jump up and down. The angle of inclination remains the same, but due to the large change in the wheelbase, it is easy to cause tire wear. The so-called multi-link suspension refers to three or more link pull rods. At present, there are mainly four-link and five-link suspensions, which can provide control forces in multiple directions, so that the tires can maintain a more reliable driving track and drive more comfortably. 1. In terms of power performance: because the double wishbone independent suspension is generally composed of two rockers with different lengths, they can absorb lateral forces together, and the wheelbase and front wheels can be carried out within a certain range through a certain reasonable configuration. Change, so as to achieve the corresponding power. The overall power performance is better. It is generally used in sports cars. The multi-link is mainly used to accurately control the angle of contact between the wheels and the ground, and it is mainly about the adjustment of the steering angle. The performance is far inferior to the double wishbone independent suspension. 2. In comfort performance: because the double wishbone independent suspension is mainly used in various road conditions, the adaptability of the road surface is relatively good, so the general comfort is not high, and the multi-linkage is based on the double wishbone to pass certain constraints As a result, the tire has certain changes when moving up and down, so the adaptability is better, and it can overcome certain steering shortages, and the overall comfort is better. 3. In terms of cost: because the structure of the double-wishbone independent suspension is relatively complicated, at the same time, it takes up a lot of space, and the manufacturing process is also relatively complicated, so the overall cost is higher; for multi-links, although the same More space, but the manufacturing structure is more complex and the performance is more, so the cost is higher.
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