What is the braking system on the front axle of the car?

by:FUSAI     2020-05-31
???????The front axle brake system of the car can be divided into two parts. One is the brake that directly produces the brake, which is called the wheel brake. It is mainly composed of the brake drum, brake shoe, return spring, etc. The second is the control part, called Brake force transmission mechanism. According to the force transmission method, it can be divided into pneumatic type, hydraulic type, mechanical type, vacuum booster type and vacuum booster type. ????1. Parking: Make the car slow down or stop quickly. This task is completed by the service brake (foot brake). ????2. Parking: Stable parking of the car, parking on the slope is not slippery. This task is accomplished by the parking brake (ie the hand brake). ???????Service brakes (ie, wheel brakes) At present, most of the front axles of domestic cars use drum brakes, and some cars also use disc brakes. The front axle wheel brakes of Foton Ruiwo Automobile are all simple unbalanced brakes. Their structure is a cam-opening wheel brake. The brake shoes are connected to the brake floor through eccentric support pins. The brake shoes are braked. Turn around the support pin. The outer ends of the two support pins are equipped with shim plates, which are respectively locked with circlips to prevent the brake shoes from falling off. The return spring tightens the two brake shoes to make the brake shoes tightly against the outer surface of each brake shoe There are two friction linings, and there is a certain gap between the two friction linings to store abrasive debris. When the front axle assembly brakes, compressed air enters the brake air chamber, pushes the rubber diaphragm and the push rod, causes the brake arm to rotate, and drives the cam shaft and cam to rotate through the brake arm, worm, and worm gear mechanism The hoof is pushed against the brake drum to realize the braking of the front axle assembly of the car. ???????The support pin adopts an eccentric structure. Rotating the eccentric support pin can change the position of the lower end of the brake shoe to adjust the gap between the lower end of the brake shoe and the brake drum. Rotating the worm of the brake arm can change the position of the cam and the upper end of the brake shoe to adjust the gap between the upper end of the brake shoe and the brake drum. The pneumatic brake assembly in the front axle uses the pressure of compressed air to transform into the mechanical force of the axle brake brake cam rotation, so that the car is now braked.
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