What is a car front axle

by:FUSAI     2020-05-18
??????????? To ask what is the front axle of a car, it is necessary to know that the front axle of the car is different from the rear axle of the car. The spiral bevel gear and the hyperbolic gear for the main reducer of the rear axle of the car and the straight bevel gear for the differential are currently all Made of carburized alloy steel. The gear is made of carburized alloy steel. After carburizing, quenching and tempering, the surface hardness of the gear teeth should be reached, and the core hardness is low. ??????????? The front axle of the car has certain regulations on the depth of the carburized layer. Due to the poor lubrication of the new gear, in order to prevent the gears from gluing, seizing or scratching at the early stage of operation, and preventing early wear, the transmission pair (or only the large gear) of the bevel gear and the hyperbolic gear are heat-treated and finished (such as grinding or After paired grinding), the thickness is required for phosphating treatment or copper plating and tin plating. ??????????? This type of surface coating should not be used to compensate for tolerances of parts, nor can it replace lubrication. The shot blasting of the tooth surface of the front axle of the automobile may improve the life span and reach the edge.
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