What details to pay attention to when using the brake

by:FUSAI     2020-02-22
Many people who have some knowledge of brakes know that brakes can be divided into two types: hydraulic brakes and block brakes. Different types of brakes have different characteristics and are used in different fields. As a brake manufacturer, our company is also very knowledgeable about all aspects of brakes. It can answer your doubts and provide you with suitable brakes. In order to repay the support of our customers for many years, our company will share with you some precautions on the use of hydraulic brakes. 1. Lubricant is often added to the movement of the electromagnetic brake. 2, regularly check the length of the armature stroke. Because during the operation of the brake, the stroke length of the armature will increase due to the wear of the profile. When the armature stroke length does not reach the normal value, it is necessary to adjust to recover the small gap between the braking surface and the turntable. If the length of the armature stroke is increased above the normal value, suction may be greatly reduced. 3. If the worn brake surface is replaced, the small gap between the brake surface and the turntable should be properly adjusted from the beginning. 4, often check the tightening degree of the bolts, especially tighten the bolts of the electromagnet, the bolts of the electromagnet and the shell, the bolts of the yoke, the bolts of the solenoid coil, and the wiring bolts. 5. Regularly check the mechanical wear of the moving parts, and remove the dust, hair and dirt on the surface of the electromagnet parts.
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