What are the steps for car rear axle maintenance?

by:FUSAI     2021-05-21
The maintenance of each vehicle is essential. How to maintain the vehicle? Which parts are the key maintenance objects? Let’s share with you the four steps of rear axle maintenance in Lianyungang Huayang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.:    1. Disassemble, clean, and inspect the rear brake drum and brake shoes (replace the brake pads according to the situation), Spring, bearing, oil seal (replace according to the situation), shoe shaft, cam wear, adjust the gap between the brake shoe and the brake drum, the tightness of the high-speed rear hub bearing, replace the grease, check the wheelbase, check the flange Shaft, tighten the half-shaft flange bolts, nuts and tire bolts, nuts, remove the brake chamber (replace the rubber diaphragm and hose according to the situation), check the ventilation pipe, remove the brake cam and add the high-speed arm to the brake cam grease.  2. Dismantling, cleaning, lubricating the main and auxiliary leaf springs, leaf pins, brackets and lugs (replace the leaf pins and bushings according to the situation), check and clean the clamps, riding bolts, and nuts.  3. Check and tighten the fuel tank frame bolts, bolts, nuts, compartment baffle, rear door baffle, compartment fixing bolts, nuts, mudguard bolts, nuts, etc.  4. Check and tighten the spare tire frame and tool box. Do you know all the above about car rear axle maintenance knowledge? As a professional axle manufacturer in Lianyungang, Lianyungang Huayang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of high-quality power flatbed axles, hydraulic trailer axles and wheeled pallet axles. If you need this, you can always contact us Make contact! Related tags: power flatbed vehicle axle
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