What are the requirements for the use of hydraulic brakes?

by:FUSAI     2020-02-14
??Hydraulic brakes and pushers are two integral parts of machinery. As the name suggests, the brake is a driving device that slows down or stops the machine. Because it is easy to use and has sufficient power. Mainly used in mining, wharf, construction, metallurgy and other mechanical industries. As the machine is limited due to technical environment and other reasons, there are some requirements in the multi-working environment. Take the hydraulic brake as an example: ??????Environmental requirements for hydraulic brake use: ??????Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃. ??????Relative humidity: ≤90%. ??????Altitude: Comply with relevant regulations of GB755-2000. ??????Characteristics of hydraulic brake: ??????1. Safe and reliable performance, smooth braking and high operating frequency. ??????2. High transmission efficiency, long life, no lubrication required during use. ??????3. This series of brakes can be installed according to customer needs. ??????4. Clip-on plug-in brake pads, safe and reliable, easy and fast replacement. ??????5. There is no need to adjust the interlocking equal back-off device. ??????right now. Do you already know something about hydraulic brakes? It is hoped that when using it, the environmental problems of hydraulic brakes can be noticed.
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