What are the failure reasons of single-point suspension?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
Single-point suspension strengths is the quality of light, reduce the impact of the body by and advances the wheel ground adhesion; Available small soft spring stiffness, improve car's comfort; To decline in the position of engine, cars are down, and then advances cars travel stability; Alone at the mercy of the wheel to beat, disconnected, can reduce the body of skew and sensation. The following will introduce to us the order some suspension is the cause of the damage. 1, brittle fracture and ductile fracture when parts accept loads, elastic deformation, the primary attack when load caused by the stress beyond the elastic limit and continue to add, the onset of plastic deformation, when the stress beyond the strength limit, the semi-trailer axle cracking. This crack is called patience craze. Patience crack fracture have significant plastic deformation, color contrast dim, sometimes can see significant fibrous. 2, the residual stress trailer axle parts by loads, the current stress, normal stress and shear stress. When the external force to remove, retained in stress is called the residual stress inside the parts. Residual stress cause the brittle fracture of the parts and attack additional plastic deformation. The situation is particularly easy within the cylinder block, kind of gearbox shell casting attacks, not only when casting, will also attack during use. 3, stress converged on parts if there is on how much the scene of a shape does not have disadvantages for materials, these areas near the actual stress is much higher than the nominal stress, stress have suppression. Stress converged on the most prone to make cracks, cracking is parts not neglected in the investigation of the factors. 4 parts of load, fatigue crack according to the nature of the crack can be divided into a loaded crack and repeated load crack. A loaded crack parts under a static load or crack under impact load effect in time; Also known as fatigue cracking, reloading cracking is the semi-trailer axle parts after repeated stress or load effect attack by cracking. Above is our lianyungang semi-trailer axle manufacturer to tell you about on a single point of some of the reasons for suspension, if you want to learn more about axle product information or want to buy high quality axle we lianyungang huayang machinery manufacturing co. , LTD. Welcome to contact! Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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