What are characteristics of hydraulic power platform car products?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
Hydraulic power platform car product features: 1, drive the variable pump - Variable motor closed hydraulic system, electric control, solved in the process of vehicle speed, the error of the driving forces, to ensure the full use of engine power; 2, independent suspension and steering function, the realization of the vehicle model to ( Including straight, oblique line, turning, center, turned eight, place) ; 3, platform height adjustable, convenient construction, high efficiency; 4, the main international famous brands, is used in the hydraulic and electrical components to provide a safe and reliable performance guarantee; 5, man-machine engineering design requirements of bridge work station, comfortable, convenient operation; 6, micro-motor, computer control, LCD screen, the operation is intuitive, accurate; 7, with a standard axle design, meet different carrying capacity matching requirements; 8, particularly suitable for large, heavy objects ferry transport; 9, compared with similar imported products, lower cost and higher economic benefit and social benefit. Relevant tags: dynamic platform car axle
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