What are automobile front axle common fault?

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
Automobile front axle in use, often because of improper maintenance or a problem without timely treatment fails, in general, under the common fault of automobile front axle has a few kinds: 1. Shaft hot hair: the hair shaft after heat generally occur in the automobile front axle repair maintenance, internal and external bearing preloading too tight or lack of oil; 2. Brake drum fever: mainly is the brake gap adjustment is too small, the brake return spring is too soft, brake camshaft oil shortage hairpin, brake slack adjuster is not back, etc. ; 3. Brake wheel put head, normal when heavy vehicles, this mainly is the brake drum circle loss caused by, because the braking effect on the two front wheels, the active effects on both sides of the inconsistencies, or left or right, also is the braking force, on both sides of sync, resulting in brake head; 4. Steering heavy, this kind of failure in addition to the steering hydraulic system failure, occurred in the cause of the automobile front axle, generally are: the lack of oil, with rod joint wear ranks, plane thrust bearing oil shortage, damage, etc. ; 5. Before the brake drum to jilt oil: this kind of fault for the inside of the front oil seal commonly, there is too tight, the internal and external bearing brake not to return to offload oil caused by high temperature and at the same time there will be bad brakes. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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