Under the macro policy of heavy truck axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Expectations with the gradual improvement of macro policy environment, and the next 'five-year plan' of investment strong pull, heavy truck axle heavy card market will be back in two or three years for a new stable growth, the reasons are as follows: to speed up the highway construction by the end of 2005, China's highway mileage reached nearly more than 170 kilometers, west of highway mileage reached 650000 kilometers, the highway to nearly 30000 kilometers. As freight tools of heavy truck in this area will have a broader market. Fuel costs influence fuel cost reduction will promote carrying high efficiency of heavy truck in car rising proportion of the total consumption. Fuel cost reduction for the influence of heavy card is mainly manifested in the following two aspects: one is to accelerate the development of heavy industry. Because in the truck, heavy car hundred kilometers mileage. Enterprises and institutions in order to save transportation cost, will be willing to entrust processing center separate transport goods, thereby promoting the processing center set up and development of the city. And the processing center will make full use of the heavy vehicle for middle and long distance transportation, so that the heavy truck sales increased dramatically. 2 it is heavy trucks increases in minimum average spending, especially heavy truck per hundred kilometers mileage in the truck, heavy truck axle so once cut fuel costs, heavy truck will gain maximum benefit. Smooth development level of GDP, according to data show that China's GDP grew 1%, every demand for heavy trucks will be amplified by 16%; Every increase of 10 billion yuan, fixed investment will increase 15000 heavy truck. Thus, the heavy card market with the national macroeconomic environment, industry policy and economic development is closely related to the scale -- — The development of policies and regulations will still dominate the heavy-duty truck. Expects 2006 to 2010, the national economic growth remained above 9% run level, according to the national macroeconomic situation and heavy vehicle trajectory, a few years ago the state heavy-duty truck market, investment in fixed assets, Treasury, investment, freight turnover average annual growth rate, the proportion of road transportation of cargo transportation, highway construction, social logistics demand conditions and positive factors, the author thinks that, heavy trucks still has great development space, and will continue to maintain a relatively stable over the next five years. At the same time and the policies and regulations to promote the benign development of the heavy truck market. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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