Trailer axle transmission matters needing attention

by:FUSAI     2021-05-22
Hydraulic trailer axle, dynamic platform car axle and wheel handle locomotive bridge is my company's main products, from the general customers trust in the industry, the quality of our trailer axle is good, but it is not easy, in the use of trailer below give you an overview of the trailer axle transmission should pay attention to three points! Transmission of maintenance is very important, trailer is not exceptional also, especially during the period. Vehicles in use process, therefore, need to check the height of the transmission oil once a month, see said. Different transmission for the height of the transmission oil standard is not the same, too low or too high will lead to variable speed system is not smooth. Make the life of the transmission of trailer extend as far as possible, good driving method is vital for trailer in the period of use. Trailer in the period of transmission vulnerable to what problem or incorrect operation method? 1: when the car to move forward, to avoid change to reverse gear; Also, when the car is sliding back, avoid and put forward gears, must wait for the car completely stop the static shift. 2: drive stick shift car, whether in the high speed or low speed gear, all want to try to shift gear at the right speed, avoid shift between the car slow down suddenly or jitter. At the same time, be sure to keep in mind when shifting clutch must be completely full throttle. 3: when you stop for a red light or other reasons in the uphill, should use a brake to the car to stop, don't use the power of the engine to stall the car back to prevent slippery. For example some drivers like to half a foot on the clutch, half scouting throttle method makes the car from back, but doing so will make the engine and transmission wear and tear. Good operation method for the service life of the vehicle late have a great effect, so it is very important to the car in the period of maintenance. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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