Trailer axle ( Hydraulic trailer axle power platform car axle wheel moving locomotive bridge) With the suspension design

by:FUSAI     2021-05-22
1 introduction 1 1 trailer axle and suspension design. 1 car trailer application status and development trend with the rapid development of automobile technology and road network, road freight volume increased year by year, logistics and transport industry of automobile transportation economy, high efficiency put forward higher request, trailer transport is an effective solution. Have can increase the tractor trailer transport effective working time, improve transport efficiency, and promote the advantages of multimodal transport logistics development and regional cooperation, and is helpful for social resources saving, energy conservation and emissions reduction, is a kind of transportation equipment for science and advanced management mode of the organization. 1. 2 trailer axle and structure and function principle of suspension bridge and suspension is an important part of the car trailer. Axle by means of suspension and chassis is linked together, it is installed on both ends of the wheel, its function is passed between the frame and the wheel force and moment of each direction according to different suspension structure, the axle is divided into integral and breaking two; According to former beam shape is different, can divide again I section and the circular tube section axle, axle of I section is currently the most widely used, its strength, the shape is easy to meet the requirements of the layout on [ 1] 。 Suspension chassis frame is the floorboard of the force transmission connection between the axle and everything, it's function is applied to the wheels in the road in longitudinal and vertical reaction reaction and side reaction and the reaction force caused by the torque will be passed on to the frame, in order to make sure the car moving. Automobile suspension is generally composed of elastic element, shock absorber and steering mechanism of three parts, it is divided into two major categories of non independent suspension and independent suspension [ 2] 。 The independent suspension can be divided into the leaf spring elastic element, the spiral spring, air spring, oil and gas spring, using spiral spring, air spring, oil and gas spring need to have more complex steering mechanism. And because using steel plate spring, leaf spring itself can concurrently act as guides, and vibration and has the certain, and thereby hanging structure is greatly simplified, so the car trailer usually USES the steel plate spring independent suspension and integral axle of I section [ 3] 。 1. 3 trailer axle ( Hydraulic trailer axle power platform car axle wheel moving locomotive bridge) 1 with suspension design requirements. 3. 1 trailer axle design requirements ( 1) [axle should have sufficient strength and stiffness 4] , reliably under force between the wheel and frame. ( 2) Ensure and steering wheel has the correct orientation Angle, the steering wheel movement is stable, and the steering wheel Angle remains unchanged. ( 3) The steering wheel shimmy should be minimum. ( 4) Unsprung weight as small as possible. 1. 3. 2 trailer suspension design requirements ( 1) Ensure the trailer has a good ride. ( 2) Has the ability of appropriate damping vibration. ( 3) Trailer braking and acceleration, to ensure the stability, reduce the body trim and body roll Angle when turning to the right. ( 4) Compact structure, small footprint size. ( 5) Reliably transfer between car body and wheels of all sorts of force and moment, while meet the smaller parts quality, and ensure that have enough strength and service life. Relevant tags: hydraulic trailer axle
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