Trailer axle fuel efficient techniques

by:FUSAI     2021-05-22
First, expert proposal, the owners can launch about half a minute in semi gear drive, and then drive after normal operation, extend the time of the vehicle in the winter. If you travel time is short, to his home near shopping, shopping, travel, try to not driving. Second, to ensure that the tire pressure high speed is unfavorable open a window when tires under-inflated fuel consumption increase, the common rules requires tire pressure can also reduce fuel consumption. 3%. The rise in oil prices after a lot of people to save fuel, as far as possible, open the door, don't open air conditioning, the expert points out, in the 80 km speed beyond window tourism consumption and fuel when using air conditioning is considerable. Initiative, therefore, the window of the owner in a traffic jam or low speed cooling, air conditioning more cost-effective at high speed. Lianyungang second, special vehicles in the summer, some owners in order to save trouble, the drinks in the car trunk, some owners consciousness and tail, winch and other decoration, but add a bit of weight of each vehicle fuel consumption will increase accordingly. Increase 10 kg, according to data from automobile, fuel consumption will be 1%. Third, less bang accelerator to move the docile drive the most effective way to strengthen the accelerator is not an option, not only save a few times, but will greatly increase fuel consumption. According to the normal rhythm, gas, shift, accumulate over a long period can save a lot of fuel. On the road, it is best not to frequent overtaking, speed can reduce fuel consumption. Master and limber, reduce unnecessary braking effect, also can achieve the purpose of fuel economy. If you need to stop at the roadside waiting for long time, the initiative owner to shut down the engine. Cars do not need to drive too fast, general motors. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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