To drive axle product introduction

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
1, turned to the function of the drive axle, steering and driving two functions. Has both general drive axle of the basic components, but also has to bridge the unique king pin, etc. 2, steering drive axle structure has both general and drive axle of the main reducer, differential and half shaft; Also has the general steering axle, king pin, and the steering knuckle of shell hub, etc. It is compared with the single drive axle, steering axle, the difference is that, due to need half shaft is divided into two sections, respectively called half shaft ( Connected to differential) And the outer half shaft ( Connected to the hub) , both with a constant velocity universal joint together. At the same time, the king pin and therefore is divided into two segments, respectively fixed on the universal joint of the spherical bearing. Steering knuckle hollow shaft neck make it, so that the outer half shaft through it. Steering knuckle for the connecting fork steering knuckle ball shell, satisfy the need of the steering, and adapted to the steering knuckle of a force. To drive axle is widely used on all-wheel drive off-road vehicle 3, turned to the working process of the drive axle drive, in the middle of the bridge equipped with main reducer and differential. Half shaft inside and outside half shaft through the constant velocity universal joint together, there are flowers outside half shaft end system, it engages flange and half shaft. Torque when driven current bridge consists of the main reducer, differential to the inner half shaft, universal joint, outside half shaft and axle shaft flange, finally passed to the wheel hub, driving wheel rotation. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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