The working principle of front axle limited slip differential

by:FUSAI     2021-01-29
Let's take a look at the structure of the ordinary differential in the first place. Differential is mainly composed of planetary gears, the gear rack and around half shaft gear. On the drive shaft and the drive axle of the combining site, we can see a radius larger driven gear, due to the input shaft driving gear radius is small, so the power of gear to the radius is larger in the process of the driven gear can achieve a process of slow increase torque. The driven gear speed reducer drive and planetary gear rack, due to the output shaft around and planetary gear rack is connected, so the left and right turn together with the output shaft, and working around half shaft gear will follow, and the key to realize the 'differential' is about two and half shaft gear vertical planetary gear. Around the two planetary gear and wheels are all bite bite about ways to make two gears to a boycott of the effect of each other. When the car is moving in a straight line, around half shaft gear of torque and speed are the same, so and planetary gear in combination with the left and the right to offset each other, when the planet gear is out of the movement. Encounter situation of turning, the inside wheel than the lateral resistance is big, this time around half shaft gear torque is different, can cause the rotation of the planet gear, gear planetary gear can give inside a resistance torque reducer, gear can also give the lateral growth, so that the outer gear faster than the speed of the inside of the gear, realized the smooth turning. Ordinary differential has a drawback, that is due to wheel dangling idling, in the event of a similar situation, differential power continuously to no resistance to the idler wheel, vehicle can not move forward, not only a large amount of power will be lost. At this time requires a differential to solve the situation, is the limited slip differential described below. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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