The use of trailer axle

by:FUSAI     2021-01-30
First, the function with the motion of the steering knuckle wheel deflection certain Angle in order to realize the auto steering; Between the wheel and frame under vertical load, longitudinal resistance of road, braking force and lateral force and the force formed by the moment. Second, the key index due to the complex road conditions, axle needs to have certain stiffness and strength. The positioning of the steering wheel has the correct Angle and appropriate steering Angle. Quality and to minimize the steering wheel of friction resistance in the third, transmission parts, front axle and steering knuckle, king pin and the hub, etc. Front axle: its cross section is commonly i-section, to improve the torsional strength, near both ends each have a bold part shape into boxing, including hole, king pin insert the hole, namely central bent into a concave down, its purpose is to reduce the engine position, so as to reduce vehicle mass center; Extension driver; Reduce the transmission shaft and the Angle between the transmission output shaft. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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