The use of heavy truck series axle and maintenance

by:FUSAI     2021-01-27
New axle ( Hydraulic trailer axle, dynamic platform car axle, tyred handling locomotive bridge) Before using, from oil hole to refill GL5EP80W - within the main reducer 90 ( Used for the temperature is not lower than - 26℃) Or GL5EP85W - 140 ( Used for the temperature is not lower than - 12℃) Heavy duty gear oil; Before use, to each nozzle filling plenty of 2 # lithium grease. After use, the vehicle must pass a 1500 km running-in, after review fasteners, before officially put into use. Low oil change period: 2000 - 4000 km after replacing assembly into the lubricating oil, every 5000 km or check the oil level once a month; Every 15000 Km or replacement of a lubricating oil every year; Every 15000 Km or change once a year brake adjusting arm, and CAM shaft of grease. Relevant tags: steering axle
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