The trailer axle development in foreign countries

by:FUSAI     2021-01-28
Such as hydraulic trailer axle of trailer car axle, dynamic platform car axle, tyred handling locomotive bridge got rapid development in foreign countries. Electronic technology has entered the trailer bridge assembly. On the axle with disc brakes, to prevent the truck for disc brake wear cause brake failure, Germany BPW company also developed a called & quot; E- - - - Axis ( Bridge) ” An electronic alarm system. The small box it collected as tire pressure, friction wear, some parameters, such as brake temperature, then transmitted to the driver or transportation company, can monitor braking friction plate wear. Once found the brake lining needs to send pit processing, it can be immediately informed. The device can work in the absence of power supply, can be installed outside the trailer anywhere, and monitor braking friction plate sensor wires, with yellow, red alarm lamp display brake lining damage degree. ” E- - - - Axis ( Bridge) ” But also CAN - and tractor Through a simple interface docking Bus system. In addition, Knorr and Schmitz Cargoboll company developed a saddle trailer control system with electronic stability program ( ESP) 。 The braking system adopts the development of the fourth generation of trailer EBS Knorr. In the generation of new braking system only added a lateral acceleration sensor, it can measure the motion of the car, under special circumstances can also measure the trailer rollover tendency. When on one side of the bridge load loss, use ABS could trigger a rollover. In order to prevent such accidents, the use of the system can detect early wheel slip, and can control and prevention, on the other side of the wheel brake. Measure and calculation to the control process in 0. 4 seconds to complete, greatly prevent the car, so as to improve the other features of the brake. The core of the brake component is the central control and adjustment module. This module has the trailer brake all functions such as ALS, ABS and to CAN Bus signal. The system has been installed in the Rotos bridge. Mercedes and BPW company has launched a sample. Relevant tags: semi-trailer axle
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