The structure principle of the wrecker trailer-the

by:FUSAI     2020-05-11
The structure principle of the wrecker trailer is composed of the power take-off device, hydraulic transmission mechanism, traction system, and lifting device; the operation principle of the wrecker trailer is divided into the operation of the power take-off, the operation of the hydraulic winch, and the drag operation Three steps. Structure principle of trailer for wrecker 1. Power take-off device The power output device is composed of an oil pump, a power take-off, and a flexible shaft cable. It is used to output the power of the car to the oil pump and become hydraulic energy. It is installed in the cab of the car through the power output shaft in order to handle the movement of the internal cable power output gear and the power take-off output teeth engaged or disengaged, so that the oil pump works or stops. Second, the hydraulic transmission mechanism 3. Traction system The hydraulic motor driven by high-pressure oil drives the winch. When the hydraulic motor is working, the control valve handle is in the 'released' position, and the wire rope can be automatically placed, and the control valve handle can be pulled to 'retract' to tow the vehicle or retract the wire rope. Note: When the vehicle is running normally, the rope should be tightened and hung on the ring hole at the end of the flat plate. 4. Lifting device The wrecker uses a tire bracket, which is divided into a front bracket and a rear bracket. The front bracket is sleeved on both ends of the swing arm and fixed with spring pins. The rear bracket is inserted into the square hole of the front bracket and fixed with pins. At the same time, the tire is locked with a tightening zipper. Schematic diagram of wrecker trailer Operation principle of wrecker trailer 1. Power output operation Power take-off contact or disconnection must pass through the clutch, depress the clutch pedal to disengage the clutch, open or close the power take-off, and then release the clutch pedal. 2. Operation of hydraulic winch 1) Pull out the power take-off handle, the power take-off is engaged, and the oil pump works; 2) According to the operation sign, extend the tablet to a suitable position; 3) Operate the platform lifting handle to fit the platform to the ground; 4) Use chains or fastening cables to securely fix the steel wire rope to the proper position of the traction vehicle; 5) Shrink the wire rope, pull the vehicle to the flat plate, and fix it with the hook. 3. Drag operation 1) Drive the wrecker truck to a suitable position in line with the towed vehicle. 2) Engage the power take-off (operating method as above). 3) Put the supporting arm in the proper position according to the operation sign. 4) Extend the telescopic arm to a suitable position (not less than 25 cm, that is, the second hole of the telescopic arm). 5) Insert the rear bracket of the tire into the square hole of the front bracket, clamp the tire, and fix it with the front bracket with pins. 6) Fix the tire on the bracket with a tightening zipper. 7) Release the hand brake of the towed vehicle, set the shift lever and neutral position, if the towed vehicle is lifted from the rear end, the steering wheel should be fixed and it cannot be turned. 8) Turn off the power take-off (the operation method is the same as before), tow and drive at a speed not exceeding 30km / h. 9) Reach the designated position, put down the towed vehicle, and reset all parts.
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